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trAce Incubation Bursaries
Mon 22 Mar 2004
NAWE members are encouraged to take advantage of the bursaries available (funded by ACE) to attend the forthcoming trAce symposium. Deadline 31 March 2004.
For full details of the bursaries, see

Incubation3 - The 3rd trAce International Symposium on Writing and the Internet

12-14 July 2004 at The Nottingham Trent University, England

Confirmed speakers include:
Keynote Speaker: Mark Amerika
Plus: Paul Brown, Alan Sondheim, Tim Wright
Also featuring: Kate Pullinger

2004 sees the third Incubation, the premier international event for writers working on the web providing ideas, information and debate for the new media writing community. There will be opportunities to experience recent works and lively discussions about the ways new media texts are made, discussed, and reviewed. We will also explore methods of teaching and digital archiving in a creative context.

Incubation aims to encourage interdisciplinary creativity and cross-fertilisation, and we are especially interested in introducing the form to writers and artists for whom it is a new idea as well as helping practitioners to share and expand their work.
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