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International Education Week
Tue 14 Oct 2003
The Department for Education and Skills has designated the week of the 10 to 14 November International Education Week (IEW). It's an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of internationalism in the curriculum, and promote and learn from educational projects, partnerships, visits and exchanges with other countries.
This year's focus will be on international activities within schools, but we welcome participation from those involved in education at all levels. We are also hoping that organisations such as embassies, subject associations, unions, voluntary organisations and businesses will take part. 

How to get involved

If you are planning any events related to international activities this autumn, why not hold them between the 10 and 14 November as part of International Education Week? Some examples of events could be:

Students giving a presentation about their visit to another country, or a project carried out about another country and its people

Teachers' International Professional Development (TIPD) participants holding a dissemination event for other schools

An online discussion or video conference with students abroad to share ideas and join forces on a project.

Send details of your event and they will be published on the IEW events page which we hope will generate local press coverage for many of the activities taking place.

For more ideas or to see what other people have planned, see
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