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New postgraduate programme in Cross-Sectoral and Community Arts
Wed 2 Jul 2003
Created by Goldsmiths College, University of London, in partnership with the Royal National Theatre's Education Department, this new programme for arts and media professionals can be completed in one year full-time (from September 2004), or 2-5 years part-time (from September 2003).
Cross-Sectoral and Community Arts Postgraduate Certificate/ Diploma / MA

This programme is suitable for arts and media practitioners wanting to reflect on their own transferable skills and develop employment opportunities and partnerships within the private or public sector.

Combining the development of practical skills and reflective practice, the programme aims to deepen the practitioner's understanding of arts in other sectors and provide the practical and management skills necessary for career development.  Students can create their own learning pathway that will allow them to identify effective artistic strategies responding to current thinking in these fields.

Students should normally have a first degree in a relevant subject, but applications from those with significant practical experience in professional or community arts are actively encouraged.

To find out more call 020 7919 7060 or e-mail for a prospectus, or visit

For specific course enquiries
please contact Jeremy Peyton Jones

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