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AfterFracture project
Mon 9 Jun 2003
As a result of an injury of her own, NAWE member Joan Michelson initiated this project at Whittington hospital where the writings and their multimedia renditions are on display until 30 June 2003.
Joan Michelson's article about this project will be published in the forthcoming edition of Writing in Education (No. 29).

"I conceived of a collaborative work by a group of artists addressing issues related to fracture: the necessary adjustment to injury as we recover and restart our lives.

"I imagined the art work on display in the Fracture Clinic of the Whittington which is my local hospital and where I found myself. Then I saw it moving to other hospitals to hang in other fracture clinics... providing an environment for response and where workshops could be held..."

Joan Michelson

(Whittington Hospital, London N19)

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