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'yeh, write' competition winners
Wed 21 May 2003
17 shortlisted young writers took part in NAWE workshops, after which the winners were announced and presented with their prizes by Joanna Lumley.
The categories/workshops/winners were as follows:

TV/Film/Radio Script: Asif masud, Joseph Doody, Katherine Sansom, Sally Johnson.
Winner: Katherine Sansom

Feature: Hugh Wright, Jennifer Morris, Rebecca Stansfield
Winner: Hugh Wright

Short Story: Katy Harrison, Nahren Najat Nunoo, Naomi Lever, Natalie Coverdale, Tammy Horwitz.
Winner: Katy Harrison

Poetry: Carl Sturman, Ellie Bramley, Laura Butcher, Laura Harris, Naomi Herbert
Winner: Laura Harris

The day in Bradford was all to do with celebration, but the finalists were also encouraged to think of their talents as something to be nurtured and developed. The workshops, which took place in the galleries of Cartwright Hall, were led by NAWE members Ray Brown (Script & Feature), Martyn Bedford (Short Story) and Nick Toczek (Poetry).

All the shortlisted writers have been offered free NAWE membership for a year.
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