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Flame Books: looking for new authors
Wed 14 May 2003
Flame Books is an innovative new publisher that aims to print the most exciting contemporary English-language fiction. They are currently searching for new authors for their Autumn list.
With an emphasis on new talent and a unique ethical approach, we hope to work with authors rather than against them. Flame Books will not only publish stirring creative works but also sell them solely through an online store. By doing this we are effectively cutting-out agents, distributors and high-street stores - meaning higher royalties for the original creators of the works!

Our main goals are:

To support exciting new writers by bringing their works to print.

Be recognised as an 'ethical' publisher by both authors and customers.

We will offer high royalties to support future work and fair contact terms to authors, in line with recommendation made by various writers groups, as we strongly encourage a greater appreciation of creators' rights.

Customers purchasing from us will not only be supporting new writers, but every book sold from our site will result in a donation to a local creative project or literary prize. In the future we hope to set up our own creative (and sustainable) projects by coordinating with a range of existing charitable organisations.

To look for innovative new ways of selling books that increase, not decrease, authors royalties. We hope to set up partnerships and schemes with other companies and organisations to achieve this.

To provide an online platform and selling space to the many small-run independent magazines in the UK and a comprehensive link directory to help all those who enjoy to write or read find the best sites on the net.
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