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Supplementary Discourses in Creative Writing Teaching at Higher Education Level
Thu 10 Apr 2003
This report, by NAWE member Dr Robert Sheppard, has been published by the English Subject Centre. Project Assistant: Dr Scott Thurston.
Robert Sheppard writes:

While there has been considerable debate, teaching and learning development and curriculum innovation in ways of teaching and assessing creative writing, very little attention has been paid to the varieties of discourse that creative writing tutors ask higher education students (from BA levels 1, 2 and 3, M level to postgraduate research) to produce to accompany, complement and/or supplement such writing. Words such as self-assessment, reflection, critique, commentary and poetics, are all used to describe this discourse. It was decided to adopt the term 'supplementary discourses' to encompass these types of writing in this project and report. In essence they are pieces of written work submitted, either as items of coursework in their own right, or directly accompanying creative work, for assessment purposes, although some might be non-assessed. Anecdotal evidence, validation experience, and external examining experience suggest that there is little uniformity over the value, principles, aims, techniques, level descriptors or assessment patterns and weighting, or even amount, of this writing. There appeared to be no uniformity of view as to the influence of this (usually) separately assessed discourse on the reception and assessment of the creative elements.

The full document and appendices are here to download.

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