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The Writers' Copyright Association, UK
Mon 12 Aug 2002
A script registration service has been launched in the UK which allows writers to establish the date of creation of their literary work and, as such, enforces and protects their copyright.
As many writers are too aware, it's easy to feel vulnerable sending out our work to producers or agents. How can you ensure that they don't steal our idea? A legally enforceable way to prove you wrote it, and wrote it first, is to have a record of the date of creation. The old method of posting yourself your screenplay is less reliable than having a separate legal record.

The WCA has been created out of the high demand in the UK for a script registration service. The organisation has been set up by writers for writers, with a dedicated legal team consulting on our behalf. Registration is cost-effective and very easy. For a nominal fee you can register your work with us. We'd like the service to be free, but the small cost involved goes to maintaining the overheads.
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