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Crossing Borders
Fri 14 Jun 2002
The Crossing Borders distance learning writers' mentoring scheme has successfully completed its pilot stage and has now been commissioned by the British Council in Kampala as a fully developed Year 1 project.
Increased funding has extended the structure to offer students 6 tutorials with a professional writer over a 6 month period.

In May 2002 the students from the pilot scheme were offered the opportunity to enrol on the Year 1 scheme and all 12 accepted. In August 2002 the scheme will be re-advertised in Uganda and 6 new writers will join the scheme as students for the first time. The Year 1 project will culminate in a series of 'live' writing workshops in Kampala in February 2003.

Current tutors are Graham Mort, Catherine Johnson and Sara Maitland. Graham Mort is now working with the British Council in London to develop a broader platform for the project, which will be then offered to other interested British Council offices in African countries.

A Crossing Borders student writes:
Absolutely first class. (My tutor) was wonderful even when I was late, her critiques were thoughtful and empowering. I won an award while on this course and my first reaction was "Oh my God!"Ä.and then panic. I felt this was a) something I didn't deserve, and b) it would be a hard act to follow. Especially as I didn't feel my writing had any particular strengths. The tutorial support put everything in perspective, showed me my strengths and what I needed to work on. It brought back clear purpose to my writing and re-ignited my desire to communicate with African children.

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