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NAWE Training Plans
Tue 7 May 2002
NAWE's new Training Manager, Anne Caldwell (pictured with Dom McLoughlin of Lapidus), has drawn up a whole range of opportunities for writers working in schools, colleges and the community.
Anne has now drawn up the complete programme of training for 2002/3. It includes seminars and mentoring schemes for writers new to educational work at primary and secondary level, also for writers with more experience who wish to develop more ambitious placements, including cross-artform work. Presentation and marketing skills are also addressed within the programme.

The full programme is available in the attached Word document. (There has been a minor change to the Live Literature course details as printed in the recent NAWE magazine).

Individual seminars etc are listed within the Events & Opportunities section.

Anne has also drawn up training plans for NALD and Lapidus. Please contact the relevant organization for full details.
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