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Spotlight on disabled writers
Wed 27 Mar 2002
Yorkshire Arts has awarded NAWE a grant of £3000 in order to showcase the work of disabled people engaging with literature.
This will be done by working with a small number of leading practitioners identified within the region. Their work - either in performance, education or in community settings - will be captured on digital video and made openly accessible on NAWE's artscape site.

We believe that, by seeing other disabled writers promoting their own work and assisting others in the creative process, many more people with various disabilities will be encouraged to pursue the craft of writing and the many further social and professional extensions of that craft.

Writers with disabilities will also benefit from' Creative Renewal', the Metier-led EQUAL Programme (European Social Fund) which seeks to 'facilitate the creation of new employment opportunities in the arts sector for people experiencing inequality or discrimination in the labour market' and specifically to tackle 'barriers for disabled people's employment'.

Please contact the NAWE office for further information about either of these projects.
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