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Writing Together
Wed 27 Mar 2002
A second round of Writing Together conferences - featuring many NAWE writers and including non-fiction workshops - has just been completed.
This second series of events took place during February and March 2002. There were four events (London, Cheltenham, Liverpool and York) each for around 100 teachers. NAWE writers involved as workshop leaders included Cliff Yates, Helen East, Alan Gibbons, Anthony Wilson, Dennis Carter, Dona Daley, Ian McMillan, Matthew Sweeney, Katrina Porteous, Godfrey Hall, David Orme and Alison Leonard. Andrew Motion, Michael Morpurgo, Jackie Kay and Hugh Haughton provided the keynote speeches.

In the introduction to the delegate pack, Andrew Motion writes:

'The Writing Together Scheme re-emphasises how vital it is that acts of creation become a central part of every child's education. It proves again that the growth of our imagination is essential to the growth of our intelligence.'

To introduce the 'Practicalities' session, NAWE provided a short film of Katrina Porteous conducting a non-fiction workshop with pupils at Kramel first school, Kramlington, Northumberland. A version of the film, which was funded by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, will soon be made accessible from this site.