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'To Infinity and Beyond: new writing and new media'
Tue 4 Jul 2006
We are now inviting proposals for NAWE's Autumn Conference, which is being held in association with Brunel University (London) on Saturday 18 November 2006. The deadline for submissions is 21 August.


How can new media best be used to support creative writing teaching?

Does on-line publication demand a different kind of writing?

The Internet - a blessing or a curse for education?

Do on-line resources help or hinder our students - and the authors of the future?

The publishing industry has lived in fear of the digital future for a decade - so why are we still waiting for the downloadable bestseller?

How should poetry by podcast differ from poetry on the page?

In an age of information overload and wiki-reality, is the concept of truth becoming degraded?

What can a techno-phobic teacher offer a techno-savvy classroom?

If you would like to contribute to the conference by addressing any of these or related questions, we should very much like to hear from you. Proposals should consist of a maximum of 100 words on the workshop, paper or presentation you would like to offer, together with a short biographical note (maximum 50 words). Please also specify exactly what technical equipment you would like provided. Proposals should be emailed to g.greaves@nawe.co.uk

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