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Cross-artform Conference Report
Mon 26 Jun 2006
NAWE members gathered in Leicester on 23 & 24 June for an inspiring programme of workshops, presentations and discussions.

The 'lab' day, facilitated by Anne Caldwell and visual artist Jack Lockhart, was a particular success. By the end, all delegates were producing animated films based on their poems and visual collages.

The theme of the conference - working across artforms - will provide the focus for the autumn edition of Writing in Education. We are keen to receive written versions of any papers delivered, together with any accounts of workshops - either from a leader's or participant's perspective. Any other articles focusing on cross-artform work are also particularly welcome.

Deadline for receiving articles: 1 October 2006

We should like to offer a public vote of thanks to all those who contributed to the conference.

The next such event is the autumn conference at Brunel University. A call for contributions is being mailed to all members with the summer edition of our magazine.

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