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Moving Stories Archive
Tue 16 Oct 2007
The Moving Stories website, which collected stories from all around the world during Railfest in 2004, is now accessible as a permanent archive of 200 stories representing the best writing contributed.

200 years after the first train journey, Moving Stories set out to capture a global snapshot of the railways' impact on all of our lives, collecting stories about rail travel and journeys through the ages: fiction, non-fiction, anecdotes and poems from around the world. 200 stories have now been selected to form a permanent archive, drawn from a wide range of ages and nationalities, telling of their experiences or imaginative ventures.

You can also retrace the progress of the project by reading how Ian McMillan, as writer in residence, inspired hundred of writers both in person at the NRM and online.

As a classroom resource, or simply something to browse and enjoy, Moving Stories is a unique and fascinating collection of writing, mixing the work of established authors with that of complete novices.

Moving Stories was a joint project of NAWE and the National Railway Museum.

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