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Yorkshire's Young Creative Writers
Mon 1 Feb 2010
NAWE is pleased to be taking forward the plans for an online hub for Young Writers in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire's Young Creative Writers, a literature development plan for the region, is now being implemented on several fronts. NAWE - working directly with young writers - will be responsible for the online hub. This will take shape alongside general redevelopment of NAWE's internet resources, including the Writer's Compass (formerly literaturetraining). Focusing on Yorkshire, it will undoubtedly also benefit any young writers throughout the UK.

Literature organizations in Yorkshire are committed to making sure that young emerging writers are heard and encouraged. We have been working together for over a year to promote this work and the result, after talking with young writers and those who support them, is this Development Plan .

Together we want to empower young writers to develop their own voices, projects and careers and to celebrate their achievements in Yorkshire and beyond.

Some key initiatives we will be focusing on are:

â?¢    The online information hub to promote writing projects and opportunities
â?¢    Showcasing young writing talent via spoken word events and a regional festival
â?¢    A programme which support young people to access funds and advice to support their writing careers.

The Plan was written by Arts Council England, Yorkshire in partnership with NAWE.

The full consultation report can also be downloaded at

We hope you find it useful and interesting.

Contacts at Arts Council England, Yorkshire:
Stephanie Simm, Education and Learning Officer
Jacqui Corcoran, Assistant Officer, Literature and Media

Contact Information:
National Association of Writers in Education
Contact Name:
Paul Munden
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