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Creative & Cultural Skills Launches Literature Blueprint
Wed 5 Jan 2011
Creative & Cultural Skills, the Sector Skills Council for the creative and cultural industries, have launched the Literature Blueprint, an in-depth research document identifying and analysing the skills needs of the literature sector throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
This research highlights an urgent need to improve the business and digital skills of both creative writers and those working in other roles in the sector, such as literature development. It also considers the need to broaden entry routes into the sector, support the development of writers working with children and young people, and ensure that creative writing qualifications reflect the reality of writing professionally.

Creative writing is at the heart of our national identity and cultural economy, and acts as a
springboard for many other highly profitable industries, such as film, theatre, gaming and
publishing. Meanwhile, digitisation has transformed the way the sector produces, markets and promotes literature and literature events.

Addressing the literature sector’s skills needs now will help it to attract and develop the best talent in this changing economic and technological context. Following extensive industry consultation, the Literature Blueprint makes a number of recommendations that aim to ensure the sector is in the best possible position to retain its global renown. These can be used to inform individuals’ and organisations’ training plans, project proposals and bids for regular funding.

Antonia Byatt, Director, Literature, Arts Council England, says: “UK literature is a truly global force and, whilst renowned for its heritage, it is also pioneering a new generation of young and exciting writers who are making their mark. Writers, and the people who present and promote them, need to match their creative skills with appropriate business skills so that they can take advantage of new ways of reaching more readers, online and face to face.”

Caroline Felton, Chief Executive, Creative & Cultural Skills, says: “The Literature Blueprint has identified the key areas where skills for the industry need to be developed, and now we must work with the sector to ensure the appropriate support is available and the right interventions are made. On a practical level, this will, I hope, manifest itself in the form of improved access to training opportunities that will best support writers and those in other roles in the sector throughout their careers.”

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