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HEA Creative Writing Reseach
Thu 7 Jun 2012
NAWE has been commissioned by the HE Academy to investigate the current state of Creative Writing teaching and research in Higher Education.
Following the rapid and sustained growth in Creative Writing degree programmes over the last decade, the aim of this new research is to produce a major report that collates examples of current best practice and identifies the issues facing the subject over the coming years, not least on account of the proposed introduction of a Creative Writing A-Level by at least one Exam Board in 2013.

A selected group of universities agreed to take part in advance, but we should like to extend the invitation to all other universities offering Creative Writing.

Any responses you would like to offer will be of real value to the report, which will be published early next year.

It would be most helpful if responses could be made by mid July and no later than the 23rd.

Please download the document (right) to access the questions.
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Wed 4 Jul 2012
We like to allow any comments in response to our news items, but we are also keen to put the record straight. Regarding the opinion offered below, I should point out that I have been personally responsible for designing this research, with the full support of our HE Committee and a very broad representation of universities. The aim is to share an understanding of how and why Creative Writing is thriving in HE and to help address any ongoing issues. As for the notion of a course without objectives, well, that would be a strange thing indeed!
Posted by: Paul Munden
Wed 27 Jun 2012
People tend to choose writing courses precisely because of their reputation. There is no need for some government agency to justify its existence by investigating what is already clearly successful. Lets not have bureaucrats crawling all over the creative arts any more. Next thing, courses will be required to submit business plans, objectives etc etc....I could go on but who would listen? Please just leave well enough alone!
Posted by: Martin Cromie
Topic: HEA Creative Writing Reseach
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