Mon 28 September 2020
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The Information: Going Digital
Young Writers' Coordinator Wes Brown on becoming an "amplified author"

There's a lot of talk about digital. What will happen to distribution? Is the book dead? What do we do with a "free for all" where everybody can be published?

It's all so bad, so gloomy. Digital publishing also means more authors being able to find audiences and present their work in innovative ways. If:book's Chris Meade has an interesting take on this, he calls it being an "amplified author".

So how might you get started? There's blogging, Tweeting and networking with Facebook. But if you want to find new ideas and discussion around the book as a form – if:book is brilliant resource on digital publishing and new possibilities for creatives.

Lulu is a site where you can easily add your titles. Otherwise you'd probably need a sellers account on Amazon. Here's a piece on how Lulu is an aggregator to the Apple iBookstore.

Neil Gaiman has some interesting things to say on piracy, copyright and distribution. Giving away your work for free may not be the worst thing in the world and might actually help you sell more print books and build a readership as an author.

The news section of the National Association for Literature Development (NALD) website is updated regularly with digital reading and industry round ups.

There are apps. I've not seen many that work well for individual authors. In the meantime, Ether books is a good one.

Wes Brown is a novelist and NAWE Young Writers' Coordinator.