Sat 8 August 2020
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Three new podcasts for National Poetry Month
April is National Poetry Month in America and The Poetry Trust are showcasing some of the leading contemporary US poets they’ve brought to Aldeburgh in recent years.

Aldeburgh Backchat: Marie Howe
available now
Marie Howe in conversation with Nick Patrick at the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival last November, talking about how art gives our hearts the opportunity to break open (or close), her quest to get rid of the desire to be the hero of her own poems, and how “death is always the mother of beauty…”

Aldeburgh Close Reading: Dorianne Laux on ‘Curtains’ by Ruth Stone
available now
Close Readings have been a part of the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival since 2003 and are now undoubtedly one of the most popular items on the programme. They’re free fifteen minute events where we ask a Festival poet to talk about a favourite poem, an essential poem they just can’t help going back to. At last year’s Festival, Dorianne Laux introduced us to fellow American Ruth Stone and her powerful poem ‘Curtains’.

Poem Show: USA Special – American English
available from 20th April
We’re delighted to plunder the Festival archive to create this American dream trio – three poems celebrating language in all its richness – Barbara Hamby with her ‘Ode to American English’, Tony Hoagland’s ‘When Dean Young Talks About Wine’ and Stephen Dunn’s ‘Decorum’.

You can listen to or download all these podcasts - and more - here