Sat 8 August 2020
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SUPERPOEM: Wednesday 29th June at 12:00 Noon
We are going to write a giant Superpoem at 12:00 noon on Wednesday 29th June. Find out how be included!

Idea: Poet Inua Ellams will be hosting a workshop through the Young Poets Network Twitter account. Instructions will be tweeted and you, wherever you are, can follow those instructions.

At the end, you will have written a poem. The theme is ‘Superheroes – not being heroic’ – meaning poems about the in between times: Superman making a cup of tea, Iron Man brushing his teeth, what does the superhero do when he or she is not on duty?

You can then send your poem to us. Inua will then weave together parts from the different poems to create the Superpoem.

You don’t need to be signed up to Twitter to read the tweets! Although you may  find you have to refresh the page manually if you’re not logged on.

You will see the Twitter instructions appearing at 12:00 noon on