Mon 18 November 2019
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My Favourite Book - Pride and Prejudice
Abigail Newton tells us why Pride and Prejudice is her favourite book


The arrival of the single and, as equally important, rich Mr Bingley sparks excitement and hopes of marriage amongst women. No more so than Mrs Bennett who has five daughters to wed. When Bingley meets Jane Bennet they immediately become taken with each other whereas Elizabeth Bennet is left offended by Bingley's rich and handsome friend Mr. Darcy after he rejects her offer to dance.

Pride is held on to by some whilst thrown by others for love. Prejudices are erased when true feelings are realised.

Why I like it

I like this novel because it is a classic love story that people will be able to relate to for all of time. I particularly like Austen's writing because it is witty and ironic which gives the reader and insight in to her personal thoughts and feelings. My favourite character is Mr Bennet as he openly ridicules his wife and she does nothing about it, much to his amusement. I also like Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy as a couple. If they can find love after such a bad start anyone can!

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