Fri 18 September 2020
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Find Your Internship
Internships can be a wonderful way to gain insights into a particular organisation

Internships can be a wonderful way to gain insights into a particular organisation, area or way of working. However, before you start it is important to be clear what you want to get out of it, and what the company employing you wants to get out of it.

For a start, are they employing you? Minimum wage legislation states that if you have set hours or specific tasks that are your sole responsibility, then you should be paid at least the minimum wage. However, many internships are unpaid – some of these may be breaking the law. Many people are happy to work for free in exchange for experience and references, but this has the obvious problem of meaning that only those with independent means, willing and able parents, and/or a floor to sleep on so they don’t have to pay rent can take up the opportunities offered by an internship.

There are some fantastic internships out there, including the Poetry Society’s own Foyle Young Poets internships which are paid, but they are highly competitive. You need to do your research and make sure that you are not being exploited.

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