Mon 3 August 2020
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Poetry Parnassus: Global poets set for 'massive' gathering
Are there any poets in Monaco? That's the question that's been asked by the organisers of the largest ever global gathering of poets in London next week.
Poet Simon Armitage

The Poetry Parnassus, which launches on Tuesday, aims to feature poets from all 204 Olympic nations.

"Pretty much the whole of the Olympic world is here in body or spirit," said festival curator, poet Simon Armitage.

I'm tempted to assume everybody's just driving around in Lamborghinis,” joked Armitage.

In April, a public call went out for poets from 23 "missing" countries.

But despite a year of searching and consultation the organisers did not come across one nomination, idea or name for a living poet from Monaco within the deadline.

"I'm tempted to assume everybody's just driving around in Lamborghinis," joked Armitage.

"It's not through a lack of effort on our part. We could not have been more open in our invitation."

Members of the public were invited to nominate their favourite poet via a weblink - more than 6,000 nominations were received.

Around 150 poets from from across six continents will attend the Poetry Parnassus, with others participating via the internet, or appearing on posters.

"There's still a certain amount of chaos around it," Armitage admitted.

"The number of poets keeps fluctuating on a day by day basis. We're still waiting to hear about their visas and travel arrangements. 

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