Thu 24 September 2020
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How Publishing Meets Digital
From where we're standing the future is massively bright for publishers who embrace digital and who embrace collaboration

I work in digital (and love it), read relentlessly (and love it) and I am generally a huge tech-and-book geek. So why have I found it so hard to get excited about digital publishing products? What makes a good one? It's a question I've been mulling over at Somethin' Else while working with publishers over the last couple of years on projects such as the My CriBaby iPhone app for Transworld and 60 Years in 60 Poems with Faber and Faber, and one I personally feel very passionate about cracking.

It is, I think, largely because digital publishing products ultimately compete not only with output from other book publishers, but with digital work from ALL industries, whether film, TV, music, arts, brands, journalism, games, etc. Everyone everywhere is competing for our attention with slick, beautiful products, and my attention, just like yours, is both valuable and in-demand. Any product needs to be pretty incredible to cut through. It's not good enough to have the best enhanced e-book if, within the wider media industry, you're behind the curve of audience expectations and appetite.

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