Fri 7 August 2020
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Social isn’t a Magic Bullet, But it Can Sell Books
There have always been various methods used to advertise and sell books, social is just one of the latest incarnations

The first job of an author is to write great books, but these days, the second job is to market them, especially as a new author with no backlist. This is true for traditionally published as well as self-published authors.

recent article in the Guardian wanted to throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater, so this is an attempt to resurrect social. Of course, it is an inexact science but  here’s how the marketing principle AIDA works.

(1) Attention

Attention is hard to get in this speedy online world. Millions of books compete for it as well as perhaps the more powerful media of video and gaming. Social networks are a way to grab attention for a moment in order to draw people into the funnel as above. Pieces of content are breadcrumbs leading to your door. This could be a picture of the tequila your character drinks shared on Pinterest. It could be a piece from National Geographic that your niche audience would find interesting. It could be a link to an article you’ve written about an art gallery launch that sparked your creative flow. Be interesting, entertaining or inspirational and be sure to use an enticing headline so people want to click and share.

 (2) Interest

 Social is pointless on its own as a marketing mechanism (although of course it can be enjoyed for its own sake). The aim is to get people to notice you and be interested enough to follow you or click through to your website.

Social networks rise and fall. You don’t own that real estate, you only borrow it for a while so be sure to capture the interest. This means that you need a website and a list mechanism so that people can sign up for your newsletter or updates. This is permission marketing - people have given you permission to email them which is a more personal form of communication and can develop the relationship further.

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