Fri 18 September 2020
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Not All of Us Drink a $4 Coffee, Mr. Weeks
It looks like a debate on ebook prices is about to break out again, and there are a number of points I can make about this

First, it stands as an example of why you shouldn’t make off the cuff flippant remarks on Twitter. Brent has probably turned off a few potential readers with his temporary doucheyness.

Second, the reader need not worry; this is a Hachette title. This publisher was one of the 3 that settled with the DOJ over the price fixing conspiracy and that means that the price will be coming down before the end of the year.

I’d like to try to understand where he’s coming from but the fact he clearly doesn’t grasp the obvious disconnect between the work he put into the book and its market value makes that kinda hard.

With most authors there would be a subtext here which you cannot see in the tweet. As a traditionally published author, Brent has absolutely no control over the price of his ebook.  I’m sure you knew that on some level, but when you add it to the fact that he likely gets dozens of emails like the one he references, you begin to understand why an author in his position tweeted a flippant response.

On the other hand, I hope he doesn’t ever go on Amazon and check the prices of his backlist. If he gets pissy because a reader doesn’t want to pay $13 for an ebook he’s liable to go into a screaming fit over his backlist being available for under $4 a copy in paper. And those are new copies, not used.

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