Fri 14 August 2020
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UK Authors Discontent with Publishers over Communication, Marketing Support
How do authors feel about their publishers? The UK’s “Writers’ Workshop” site has the results of a survey of about 300 authors, both professionally-published and self-published, conducted through assistance from several authors’ associations

Two thirds of those polled had published at least 3 books, and 70% had published one within the last twelve months (and another 18% between 1 and 2 years ago), so they’re mostly authors of recent vintage and well-informed.

The poll asked various questions about how authors relate to their publishers—how happy they are with its editorial services, cover art and blurbs, advertising campaigns, and feedback—and how likely they are to self-publish in years to come. The results are quite interesting: the authors are happy with the editorial aspects, production values, and the promptness of payment—but are considerably less happy about the quality of communication and marketing support by their publisher, and about 3/4 of them are at least considering the possibility of self-publishing in the future. (Found via “Ask Nicola”.)

The statistics are rather damning. For example, question 13: only 20% of surveyed authors felt as though they were “closely involved” with their publisher’s marketing plans. Question 14: Only 14% of surveyed authors felt the publisher made full use of their abilities and resources in its marketing campaign (and only 24% more were mostly happy with how their publisher included them).

Question 17: Only 22% of surveyed authors were asked by their publisher for feedback in such a way that they could be completely honest about their feelings, and 46% weren’t asked what they thought at all. Question 20: Only 26% of surveyed authors say they would never consider self-publishing through Amazon. And question 23: If asked to move to another publisher, only 37% are happy enough with their current publisher to say they would definitely stay.

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