Fri 7 August 2020
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'Cuckoo Review' Spreads its Wings.
New online magazine known as 'Cuckoo Review' is being launched under New Writing North.

New online magazine Cuckoo Review has been launched by New Writing North and is being written by a new group of young writers and journalists.

The site, which became live on 22nd April 2013, is constantly updated with reviews, news, interviews and other cultural pieces, ensuring that every article is completely up to date and current. Cuckoo Review is a chance for young writers aged between 15 and 23 in North East England to gain valuable experience, being tasked to write in a professional style, in a situation close to that of professional publication.

The online magazine covers regional stories as well as news on a wider scale, with the aim of presenting interesting and original ideas, and the publication has been met with positive support from many venues and events within the North East. Cuckoo Review uses social media, such as Twitter and Facebook to keep subscribers up to date, so it is easy to keep track of new articles as and when they are added.

Cuckoo Review is an extension of Young Writing North’s previously existing Cuckoo Young Writers programme, which helps to encourage young writers to fulfil their writing potential through writing groups and other activities. Cuckoo Young Writers has been supported by several top journalists, who have led master-classes in order to help a new generation of journalists to come into their own. Cuckoo does not only focus on journalism, however, and releases a quarterly literary magazine known as Cuckoo Quarterly, which includes works of fiction and other creative pieces. Cuckoo Quarterly is also written by young writers, this time aged between 12 and 19.

To look at articles posted by the young writers at Cuckoo Review or Cuckoo Quarterly visit either the New Writing North website at and follow the links or go straight to Cuckoo Review at Any young writer, based in North East England who is interested in getting involved with Cuckoo, in particular Cuckoo Review should email for details.