Mon 30 March 2020
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Further Information

Much educational software currently on the market is designed to support good classroom practice as stand alone technology, requiring pupils to work in isolation from their peers and their teacher.

Storyspinner takes a very different approach.

Storyspinner aims to enhance the classroom experience, not to replace it.

Storyspinner not only enhances the teacher's contribution in the classroom but adds the services of a professional writer to the creative mix. Technology is only used to facilitate human interaction.

Storyspinner uses new technology to bring writers into the classroom community and to offer students an opportunity to see their own words replayed in the exciting contexts of a professionally written story, letter and multi-media film trailer.

Storyspinner uses a specially developed website as a hub for all communications, this sends automatic confirmations or reminders to keep both writer and teacher in pace. This allows a writer, who may be hundreds of miles away from the school, to actively participate in the Storyspinner process.
Schools wishing to use StorySpinner should contact Paul Munden at NAWE. A password will then be issued for you to log into
Writer's Comment

"There was always a sense of anticipation over where the story was heading and what the trailer was about to reveal. The trailer proved particularly exciting, as the kids were keen to know what of their work was about to appear in sound and vision. Furthermore, the fact that someone had given their work a filmic treatment made them feel important; validating their ideas and boosting their sense of self-esteem."

    - Mark Gwynne-Jones