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Writers in Prisons

The Writers in Residence in Prison Scheme

The Writers in Residence in Prison Scheme was set up in 1992 by the Arts Council of England and the Home Office.  Since that time more than 120 residencies have been placed in a wide variety of establishments throughout the country. The Scheme is currently funded by Arts Council England, the Learning and Skills Council and individual establishments.

The Writers in Prisons Network

The Writers in Prisons Network was appointed by the Arts Council in April 1998 to administer the Writers in Residence in Prison Scheme. The aim is to provide a comprehensive administrative and support agency which addresses the ongoing needs of prisons, writers and inmates involved in residencies, before, during and after the event, and represents the interests of the Arts Council and the public in general whose money supports the Scheme, so that the maximum beneficial potential is achieved for all the interested client groups. The Network has also successfully attracted funding from bodies such as the Paul Hamlyn Foundation (Connections: Changing Lives Through Stories reading programme) and The Indigo Trust (Life Stories autobiography project). The Network was a Lord Longford Prize Winner 2004.

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NAWE Resources

NAWE members can access recent articles on writers in prisons in the NAWE Magazine.

The F Word: Clive Hopwood outlines the work of the Writers in Prisons Network

Time Served, Time Transformed: Christine Fisher explains the importance of writers in prisons, with examples of written work produced.

‘Writing my scars’: Charlotte Thompson bears witness to the importance of writers as readers.

Arts Alliance

The Arts Alliance is the national body for promoting arts in the Criminal Justice System. It is made up of artists, arts and Criminal Justice System groups and individuals who work across art-form with prisoners, those on probation and ex-offenders in the community, with impressive results.