Wed 22 May 2024
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Writing in Practice - Vol. 6

In this issue:

(*) Let the writing be of words: From writing stories to writing materials
Jen Webb discusses the material elements of narrative and their philosophical provenance, inquiring how students might be given an intellectual as well as a creative approach to their work.
A Ghost in the Archive: Rewriting Perceval Landon’s "Thurnley Abbey” as Contemporary Historical Fiction
Leanne Bibby uses the prism of a ghost story’s setting to explore Roman Catholicism during the Reformation, examining fiction’s relationship to historical discourse and the idea of the archive.
Ekphrasis in Still Life with Black Birds: Finding a new space - art and prose in collaboration
Joanne Reardon considers visual and narrative aspects, in revealing the interplay between collaboration and ekphrasis in a site-specific writing project with an artist.
Expanding the Creative Narrative: Why it Matters
Liz Mistry investigates diversity, inclusion and representation in crime fiction, scanning publishing statistics and writing approaches for more expansive narratives.
First Pages: Questions for Editing
Rose Michael, Ronnie Scott and Michelle Aung Thin reveal the interaction between research and editing processes, ethics and aesthetics in three case studies: a literary speculative fiction, a story about sexuality and a young adult novel set among Rohingya children in Myanmar.
From Folktale to Fantasy: A Recipe-Based Approach to Creative Writing
Michael Fox explores folktale motifs, identifying the building blocks of stories to inform writing students, focusing on the pre-existing structures and shapes underlying Beowulf and The Hobbit.
Loops And Reels: Narrative disruption in film, fiction, and cinemagoing history
Edward Hogan examines the impact of police and cinema-going history on the evolution of a novel, and how rolling film programmes echo contemporary narrative disruption.
Summoning Ghosts and Releasing Angels: Challenging the Tyranny of the Blank Page
Amina Alyal and Oz Hardwick consider visual hallucinations and pareidolia, and how writers might, access pre-existing texts, as suggested in the testimony of a poem’s evolution.
Taking Liberties: Ideals of freedom in contemporary South Africa: a practice-based approach to research with multilingual writing communities
Graham Mort reports on the methodology of a funded, multilingual writing project in South Africa, reflecting on the inter-disciplinary research potential of Creative Writing as a subject.
Walking Between Worlds: In defence of experiential research
Kevan Manwaring investigates experiential research, advocating location visits but also oral history and song in the creation of a transmedia fantasy novel.
Writer-researcher-facilitator: An integrative model for creative writers working in wellbeing contexts and beyond
Megan Hayes and Sophie Nicholls examine integrative approaches to the roles of the modern writer – creative writer, researcher and facilitator - in the contexts of writing and wellbeing.
Writing science-as-fiction to examine practice-led research in creative writing as science communication
Sean Fitzgerald critically examines scientific knowledge through a combination of critical reflection and a fiction informed by genetic science.

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