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Michael Atavar
A book of twelve practical steps that help to stimulate your creativity.

From beginner to famous artist, everyone at some time in their career will become stuck. These twelve rules will help you to navigate the stages of impasse, freeing up the log-jam of ideas.

Packed with tips and insider information, the book represents a useful repository of original ways of thinking – methods that can be applied to any area of creativity.

‘If you take one thing away from the reading of this book, it should be that creativity, as it manifests within you, is always possible. Go ahead: do it.’

12 RULES OF CREATIVITY is the follow-up to Michael Atavar’s best-selling HOW TO BE AN ARTIST.

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About the author

Michael Atavar is an artist and a creative consultant with a practice that mixes creativity, business, art and psychology. As part of the Year of the Artist, he was the first artist in residence at the Guardian Newspaper, producing a print insert in an unlimited edition of 400,000 copies. His output includes over thirty public works, in a variety of forms – performance, installation, digital media, publishing. Dusk, his last piece, was shown at the Hayward Gallery.


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Wed 2 Nov 2011
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