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A Fox Crossed My Path: Creative Therapeutic Writing on a depressive illness
Monica Suswin Editor: Gillie Bolton
This book focuses on the creative and therapeutic processes of writing on recovery from serious mental illness. This author knows first hand what a depressive incapacitating illness is all about. A compelling and uplifting read which shows how powerful the act of writing can be through poems, narrative prose, dialogues, the unsent letter and the canny use of lists (instead of lengthy memoir material). These strategies are a beacon for the life of the imagination, which offer healing to traumatic memories.

Effective exercises at the end of each chapter are designed for others who might suffer in a similar way, and for those in the helping professions looking to understand their clients, and seeking strategies of writing which will be beneficial.

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'For anyone with an interest in the therapeutic potential of expressive and creative writing, A Fox Crossed My Path is a find. The very openness of Monica Suswin’s writing about her psychiatric history means that she is a witness of extraordinary authenticity. Like spending time with a good novel or short story, A Fox Crossed My Path leaves the reader changed, more aware of how people’s lives are, and this life in particular. For any reader who has tried therapeutic writing and is looking for more, Monica Suswin is an experienced and very sensitive guide. I would also suggest that for starting points in how creative writing can be a lifeline when other options are limited, this book is a must-read.'

Jeannie Wright (Associate Professor of Counselling), Self & Society – An International Journal for Humanistic Psychology, Vol. 45 October 2017 pp. 337-338.

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