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Writing in Education - Vol. 23 - Community


In this issue:

Associated Writing Programs 2001
Robyn Bolam reports on the Associated Writing Programs conference in Palm Springs.
Building Cultural Bridges
Debjani Chatterjee considers how translation encourages innovation and cross-cultural exchange.
Community Publishing Platforms: local and global audiences for your art
Gordon Wilson outlines the increasing opportunities for promoting writing on the web.
Life Is Invention
Jackie Kay is interviewed by Bryan Podmore.
Listening for Voice: Jaan Kaplinski and co-translation
Fiona Sampson details the process of discussion and clarification between author and translator.
Playmaking with Street Children in Ghana
Kathleen McCreery writes about her drama workshops for Street Child Africa.
Sometimes I Feel like a Garden Gnome
Lauri Ramey explains how "the mark of the ineffable can sometimes be hit even by missing it".
Spookiness for Writers
Adrian May argues that strange coincidences add fuel to the writer's imagination.
Stockwood Park: Ian Hamilton Finlay Sculpture Garden
Tilla Brading describes the landscape and items as seen during the NAWE 'Writing & Community' conference.
Teaching Writing in Higher Education
Robyn Bolam reports on the conference at Warwick University.
Varieties of Re-writing
Ketaki Kushari Dyson offers insights into the predicament of the diasporic, bilingual author.

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