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Writing in Education - Vol. 50 - Conference 2009


In this issue:

'A Jest's Prosperity'
Pat Ryan provides examples of how a storyteller can enliven the study of Shakespeare in schools.
Creative Writers and Climate Change
Amanda Boulter considers how writers can usefully engage with a concept often seen as the province of scientists, economists and politicians.
If on a Winter's Night a Traveller... made connections
Andrew Melrose reflects on his experience of the NAWE Conference 2009.
Me, them and it
Mike Harris discusses collaboration, going it alone and 'creativity'.
Poetry off the Page
Noel Williams gives an account of his experimental work at Bank Street Arts Centre in Sheffield.
Research Skills for Screenwriters
Craig Batty puts forward key elements of teaching screenwriting in Higher Education.
Ten Challenges of Teaching Creative Writing at University
Martin Goodman tests out some of his personal convictions.
The Cloud Chamber
Cliff Yates introduces the cross-disciplinary project set up by the Poetry Society that aims to transform teacher training.
The Very Hungry Workshop
Philip Burton outlines a workshop to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Eric Carle's hugely successful book.
We laughed, we cried, we wrote
Jane Moss explores the role of the creative writer in bereavement counselling.
Will You Forgive Me, Little Island?
Liz Cashdan describes her collaboration with other artists on a residency in Iceland.
Writing in Four Dimensions
Sharon Norris explains how a course on teaching songs and lyrics was set up at Roehampton.

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