Thu 13 June 2024
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Writing in Education - Vol. 21 - Ed. Cashdan


In this issue:

Analysing the Aesthetic
Ann Atkinson, Liz Cashdan, Livi Michael and Ian Pople present a new approach to developing criteria for the assessment of creative writing in Higher Education.
Dreaming Online: Sharing Aboriginal Stories
Paola Marchionni describes an internet project set up by the Commonwealth Institute.
How Do You Assess Blue?
Sue Gee shares her idiosyncratic reflections on the problem of assessment.
J K Rowling's Too Expensive
Nicola Davies gives a light-hearted account of her role as writer in schools.
Lifelong Passions: creative writing in and against education
Rebecca O'Rourke draws attention to some contested meanings and contradictory practices.
Poetry Hasn't Far to Go: Writing Poetry with Lifelong Learning Students
John Alcock offers practical suggestions to demonstrate that 'inspiration' is close at hand.
Shropshire Round Robin Readers
Susan White reports on helping housebound readers to take a more active part in choosing their books.
The poem as event
Poet and novelist Fred D'Aguiar talks to Bryan Podmore about his writing, performing and teaching.
Validating Experience and Using Personal Stories
Shaun Levin provides an account of his Stockton conference workshop.
Visions & Voices; a personal reflection
Julie Ward writes about her work with cartoonist Suzy Varty on a National Year of Reading project.

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