Wed 21 February 2024
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Writing in Education - Vol. 10 - Ed. Cashdan

In this issue:

A Sense of Audience - and a Plea for Intolerance
Colin Bulman defends the need for real criticism, not just 'encouragement'.
Alternative Dissertations and Creative Writing Modules in an Integrated Degree Scheme
Rose Atfield introduces the various creative writing modules at Brunel University.
Dreams of a Common Language: Reflections on Three Conferences and a Symposium
Susanna Gladwin considers the practicalities and benefits of the writing conference.
I got Manchester
BAFTA-winning playwright Andy Armitage is interviewed by Bryan Podmore.
Letting the Text Traverse You
Bryan Podmore on Helen Vendler's collection of essays 'The Music of What Happens' (Harvard University Press).
Off the Page: a Series of English Literature Study Tapes
Richard Hoyes describes the genesis of this project featuring fiction, poetry - and jazz.
Only Doing the Nice Bit
Jean Sprackland writes about her work as a poet with disadvantaged pupils around Merseyside.
Talking About Children's Books!
Penny Dolan introduces the Federation of Children's Book groups.
Targets for Writers in Education
Jean Nelson stresses the need to pitch work accurately at the needs of the audience.

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