Wed 21 February 2024
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Writing in Education - Vol. 57 - Ed. Munden

In this issue:

Poetry and Performance in Education and Community
Deborah Stevenson reports on her experience in America, supported by the Nottinghamshire Roosevelt Travel Scholarship.
Screenwriting in the Primary Classroom
Alec McAulay offers a case study utilizing the BBC’s Doctor Who Script to Screen.
Shoot the Cartoonist
John Stuart Clark (aka Brick) recounts the highs and lows of a collaborative comics script project.
Teaching Writers’ Commentaries
Martin Goodman considers the place of commentaries as assessed tasks in creative writing programmes.
The School Librarian
Kathryn White puts forward ways to close the poverty-driven literacy gap.
Translating Poetry
Liz Cashdan responds to recent articles, further exploring the creative potential of working in translation.
Where are they coming from?
Sheena Wilkinson surveys the creative writing experiences students bring to university.
Why teach playwriting in schools?
Caroline Jester answers with reference to the ‘REPwrite’ digital playwriting resource.
Writing Kiskadee Girl
Maggie Harris describes her journey as a Creative Writing Tutor into writing her own Caribbean memoir.

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