Sat 2 March 2024
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Writing in Education - Vol. 43 - Higher Education


In this issue:

A Transatlantic Writing Collaboration
Randy Albers and Steve May give an account of an exchange programme between Chicago and Bath.
Alternative Realities: Opening Up The Creative/Critical PhD
Poet and playwright Stephanie Norgate, who runs the MA in Creative Writing at the University of Chichester, talks to PhD student Sue Evans, about the process of writing her recently submitted creative/critical dissertation.
An Active Form in a Critical Space
Craig Batty puts the case for Screenwriting in Higher Education.
Answers, Answers
Richard Beard replies to Andrew Cowan's 'Questions, Questions' in Writing in Education No. 41.
Creative Writing Research Today
Graeme Harper clarifies some misunderstandings.
Stephen Mollett expounds on the Royal Literary Fund Fellowship scheme.
Language Shapes Thought - Thought Shapes Language
Dave Ward offers an insight into his work as a British poet in China.
Over Here
Patricia Debney reflects on being an American writer and educator in the UK.
Paradoxical Spaces
Zoe Skoulding capitalizes on her role as writer in the City of Learning.
Storming the Garret Door:
Stephanie Vanderslice writes an open letter to her students.
Teaching the Changing Story
Ursula Hurley relates her teaching to the future of the genre.
Text Meets Technology
Helen Klaebe and Craig Bolland describe the process of writing creatively for digital media.
The Poem and the Body
Judy Kendall considers creativity as related to physical movement.
The Rise and Fall of Mr Choakumchild
Tom Dobson discusses Learning Outcomes and the Teaching of Creative Writing.

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