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Writing in Education - Vol. 59 - NAWE Conference 2012

In this issue:

“Seeing... Doing... Writing”
Peter Rumney describes an ambitious project in an East Midlands school.
Amelia and the Virgin
Nicky Harlow describes the influences at work on her novel.
Battling the Monkey Censor
Randall Albers urges us to be brave.
Coaching for Writers
Elizabeth Forbes reports on her research.
Flash Fiction
Gail Aldwin keeps it short.
From Stone to Drone
Joan Michelson presents the results of her war poetry workshop.
Holy Cards and Bubble Gum
Moy McCrory delves into a childhood lexicon of saints.
I’ll Do It Later
Janet Olearski contends with mentoring the occasional writer.
Imaging the Story
Paul Houghton considers the role of the visual.
In a Nutshell
Denise Hayes experiments with greguerías and new media.
NAWE Conference 2012
Catherine Temma Davidson responds to David Morley’s keynote talk.
Patterning Lives
Eleanor Markland and Jennifer Young champion heritage writing in schools.
Poems in the Classroom
Robert Hull considers the importance of the pleasure principle.
Professionalizing Writers
Pippa Hennessy and Niki Valentine stress the importance of preparing graduates for employment.
Speak Softly and Carry a Large Pen
Bryony Stocker and Mary McDonough report on their work at the University of Strathclyde.
The Impossibility of Recipe and the Importance of Risk
Cheryl Moskowitz relates this principle of writing to her teaching.
The Listening Friend
Jane Moss writes about working with the bereaved.
The Poise of the Pen
Curtis Tappenden reflects on the relationship between drawing and writing.
Towards a Queer Poetics
Rich Goodson offers reflections on his Creative Writing doctorate.
Writing – History – Fiction
Joan McGavin offers some thoughts on teaching this module.

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