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Writing in Education - Vol. 41 - New Media


In this issue:

Between Worlds
Julie Ward gives an account of her multimedia work (with sister Helen Ward) in primary schools.
Blogging for Beginners
Ros Barber offers some tips; Sarah Salway adds to the picture
Digital Fiction
Kate Pullinger describes her work as digital writer and online tutor at De Montfort; an expanded and adapted version of the talk for the NAWE Conference 'to infinity and beyond', Brunel University (London), November 2006.
Digital Poetry Goes Live
Paul Beasley describes the latest work from 57 Productions
Manyo Translations
Doreen King explores the orientalists' dilemma.
Questions, Questions
Andrew Cowan asks "Can the creative survive in proximity to the critical? Can a writer continue to be a writer so long as he or she is working in an academic institution teaching writing?"
Teaching the Old Dog
John Alcock responds to the NAWE Conference 'to infinity and beyond' at Brunel University (London), November 2006.
Patrick Wildgust, Curator at Shandy Hall, introduces the Textarc programme.
The Philosophy of Toy Teatres
Philip Monks finds big ideas within a very small world.
The Role of Virtual Learning Environments
Mollie Baxter outlines the various options for teaching and learning online.
We have no more secrets
Kathleen McCreery and Nigel Watson relate their involvement in a multicultural theatre project in Lesotho.
Where have my words gone?
Liz Cashdan points out potential problems in collaborative projects.
Writing a Wicked Commentary
Derek Neale considers the use of wikis in helping students with the redrafting process.
Writing for the New Media
Fay Weldon's keynote speech from the NAWE Conference 'to infinity and beyond' at Brunel University (London), November 2006.

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