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Writing in Education - Vol. 79 - Winter 2019

In this issue:

Creative Contribution - Giant Steps
Poems by Helen Mort
Creative Contribution - Whoopse
Artwork by Roma Tearne and Poem by Julian Stannard
Winter 2019 BOOK REVIEWS
A New Map of an Old City
Amina Alyal and Oz Hardwick provide a reflection from the NAWE 2019 conference with a Collaborative Psychogeography of York
Adult Learning
Lisa Koning presents her experiences with including writing competitions as part of an Adult Learning framework.
Any Stage and a QPR for anyone?
Kane Holborn shares his lessons learned from outside the classroom
Electric Avenue
Randall Alberts discusses the Future of Study Abroad
Finding your Inspiration
Francis Gilbert considers using Mindfulness and Action Research to nurture creative writing
In the Classroom
John Vigna shares his experiences of crafting meaningful marginalia in the creative writing classroom
Keeping it Real
Gabrielle Mullarkey provides a discussion on confronting stereotypes on the page and in writing groups
MaxLiteracy Awards
Ronda Gowland-Pryde, Jane Sillis and Veronica Reinhardt share how the MaxLiteracy Awards have inspired writing through art
Practice Research
Derek Neale considers Practice Research as a New Terminology
Reading as a Writer
Andrea Holland considers the learning environment for creative writing students, with practice-based teaching informed by writing as research
Resilience: Bounce or be Bounced
Caleb Parkin presents the first in a series of articles on self-care
Words that Work
Maggie Sawkins discusses biblio-poetry therapy

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