Thu 13 June 2024
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Writing in Education - Vol. 48 - Word & Image


In this issue:

Altered Gaze
Briony Goffin describes an exchange between the written and visual arts in a quest for a new clarity of image.
An Experiment
Diane Samuels and Sherry Ashworth give accounts of their (separate) workshops with school pupils at the National Gallery, based on the same painting by Joseph Wright.
Images, Dreams and Academic Writing
Phyllis Creme explores the relationship between writers and their work using guided visualization.
Jewish Voices
Rosalind Adam describes the evolution of a book capturing memories of Leicester in the 1940s and 50s.
Paul Munden reflects on poetry, photography, double-takes and doubt.
Serious Comics
Felix Bennett takes a verbal/visual plunge into a sea of cultural references.
Denise McCulloch and Lucy Banwell explain the workings of NAWE's online multi-media project.
Teaching Screenwriting
James Charlton shares his approach to developing visual storytelling with undergraduates.
Teaching Sequential Art
Chris Dows considers process, practice and purpose.
The Grand Odalisque in Words
Andrea Holland uses Ingres' painting to help explore issues of perspective and exaggerated detail.
Ways of Seeing
Patricia Ann McNair and Philip Hartigan present their 'Journal and Sketchbook' writing class.
Where Verbal Meets Visual
An interview with graphic novel patriarch Art Spiegelman by Brooke Hennen

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