Thu 13 June 2024
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Writing in Education - Vol. 58 - Writing in Schools

In this issue:

Creative Writing and Dyslexic Learners
Sue Mackrell and David McCormack explain their strategies.
Making the Difference
Sue Horner outlines the ongoing challenges for writers in schools.
Managing Classroom Behaviour
Anstey Spraggan offers some advice.
Producing Creative Writing Magazines and Websites
Alyson Morris puts forward the value of such work for students.
Story Grids
Steve Bowkett describes his approach to prompting narrative ideas.
Story-making with young children
Peter Wynne-Willson shares the work he has developed over a number of years.
Time and the Teacher
Robert Hull takes issue with the new draft English programme of study for primary schools.
Using Words as Play
Sara-Jane Arbury presents word games for writing poetry in the classroom.
Would you come and mend my toilet for free?
Mike Harris reflects on a recent Facebook survey on writers’ fees.
Writing the Prose Poem
Robert Vas Dias provides an account of the course he runs within the Poetry School programme.

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