Fri 22 June 2018
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Birkbeck College, University of London

If you are fascinated by the craft of writing, you can study a range of genres, including fiction, poetry, drama, creative non-fiction, screenwriting, receiving tuition and guidance from practising published writers. You will develop a portfolio of creative work and interact with industry professionals to broaden your understanding of the fields of publishing, performance and broadcasting. Read more...

This programme seeks to develop your confidence, sensitivity and discernment in the analysis of your own and fellow students’ work, along with greater critical understanding of contemporary literary developments and the place of your own writing within them. It also trains you to a professional level in editing your own and others' creative work and provides a practical understanding of publishing and producing imaginative work within the creative industries. It allows you to develop, under expert supervision, a creative writing project of your choice. Practical courses on publishing, producing and editing creative work offer contact with professionals such as publishers and literary agents. Read more...

This programme seeks to inspire your creativity, to deepen your awareness and control of elements of the writer’s craft and to enable you to write more confidently and fluently. It is suitable for people with varying degrees of creative writing experience, from absolute beginners to those who have taken a creative writing course before. Read more...

This programme offers you the opportunity to develop your screenwriting skills, to understand the social and political context of your work and to evaluate your performance. The modules are taught by practitioners who combine practical screenwriting skills with teaching experience. Read more...

Unavailable in 2012/13.

This programme offers the opportunity to develop practical screenwriting skills and techniques and to apply them to writing briefs, together with the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of communicating ideas in script form. One distinctive feature is a fast-track core module, which will enable graduates in other fields to gain detailed knowledge of screenwriting conventions, an understanding of common formats, and the ability to analyse a brief and evaluate one’s own writing within a commercial context. Read more...

This programme is designed for existing arts managers who wish to develop their practice and understanding of the background, theories and principles of arts and cultural management, or for those who wish to pursue a career in arts management and who satisfy other entry criteria. It explores the requirements and benefits of strategic management, balancing theory and practice within the context of the prevailing social, political, economic and technological environments. It focuses on public and voluntary sector arts organisations, but also addresses key commercial sector issues. Benefit from links with arts and cultural organisations, including an optional work placement. Specialise according to your interest with a choice of specialist pathways. Flexible study pattern with a mixture of evening and daytime study options. Read more...

Gain a University of London qualification, expand your knowledge and enhance your CV. Birkbeck has a strong reputation in the field of arts management: classes are taught by arts and cultural industry professionals. Gain a good understanding of a wide range of arts organisations in London that will enhance your career prospects. Study with academics currently researching the arts and their organisation. Past students have gone on to work at major galleries, arts charities and the Arts Council. Read more...