Thu 24 May 2018
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Coventry School of Art & Design

Digitial Media and Culture

What is so different about digital media and to what extent has digitalization changed contemporary culture? This course allows you to measure the technological and cultural impact of digital media. In particular, questions of individual and collective identity, the practices and policies of digital media and cultural institutions, the interrelationship between digital media, culture and technological change, and the rise of consumer and “prosumer” cultures are addressed.
Duration 1 year full time; 2 years part time
Level MA
Cost UK/EU: £4,860. International: £9,660
On this Digital Media and Culture MA degree you will measure modern developments and place them in their historical and contemporary cultural context and will be analysed through a variety of popular, commercial and media forms. A special focus will be the political, ethical and cultural implications of ongoing ad accelerated digitalization within the context of a global information society. The course provides you with a possibility to critically engage with the theoretical approaches, concepts and terminologies that are indispensable for (digital) media and cultural analysis. It is designed to further develop your ability to undertake criticism and interpretation of a whole range of cultural artefacts, texts, (digital) media forms, policies, practices and institutions. It raises questions like: what role do state and market relations play in the arts and culture? What is the relationship between the cultural industries, new media and cultural consumption? How do analog and digital media deal with issues of race, identity and difference, or censorship? What is the connection between information technology, social media, biotechnology, military technology, human bodies and cultural identities in the 21st Century? There are opportunities to explore contested issues in depth through seminars and to participate in open forum discussions, and to explore particular interests leading to guided research and a substantial, supervised MA research project.
Good honours degree in a cognate subject and/or equivalent professional experience.
Research in Communication, Culture and Media, Approaches to Communication, Culture and Media, Digital Media and Culture, Four Option Modules to be selected from:Information Societies, Media Audiences, Communication, Culture and Media Industries, Film Theory and Global Context, Identity and Cultural Difference, Journalism Themes and Issues, Public Relations and Information Management, Material Cultures. MA Research Project.
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