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Telephone Coaching Service
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Telephone Coaching Service

Are you looking to make some changes in your career? Would you like a safe and supportive space where you can think about your present situation and the areas you’d like to change, prioritize your goals and work through a set of actions to achieve them? Are you ready to challenge and stretch yourself?

Like professional development planning, coaching is all about getting to where you want to be in your professional life. Again, you’re in control – you decide what you want to focus on. The coach is there as a facilitator to help you to step back and gain new insights and understanding and discover your own solutions. Along the way, you’ll probably find that your energy levels and motivation increases as your confidence gets a boost. Unlike professional development planning, however, coaching usually takes place over a series of sessions.

Here we’re offering you a series of five one-hour sessions.

These will be delivered over the telephone at weekly or fortnightly intervals at a time to suit you. Having identified your goals in the first session, your coach will work with you to break these down into small, manageable actions. Each week, you’ll review the actions you set the last time and explore any issues that came up while completing them and then go on to set new actions. The process is completely confidential.

You can also book for one or more one hour sessions on a one-off basis. We will also be piloting a Skype option – please ask if you are interested in this.

Cost: Our telephone coaching service is available at highly subsidized rates:
Coaching series (five sessions) £155 NAWE members (£225 non-members)
One hour coaching session (one or more sessions) £40 NAWE members (£60 non-members)

How to Book: For further information and to book, please contact Anne Caldwell

"Coaching is all about helping a person get to where they want to be in their professional or personal life. The writer/ client is in control – they decide what they want to focus on."

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