Tue 28 June 2022
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Beyond Form Creative Writing: Living Liminal with Sarah Barnette
Wed 22 Jun 2022 to Wed 27 Jul 2022
These five workshops invite you to explore the concept of liminality through writing into the uncertainty, disorientation, and hybridity that states of being in-between bring.

Liminality comes from the Latin word “limen,” meaning “threshold.” What might we learn about ourselves and our writing practices when we slip into the fluid or volatile, when we see the fragments and search the cracks, inhabit in-between spaces and drift through voids?

During these workshops, you will command the liminal, unknown, and changeful in the way of Keats’s Negative Capability, “capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason.” Standing at the brink and living on the verge, you will write into boundary-blurring and “remaining content with half-knowledge.”

Whether you are working in memoir and want to explore yourself as a liminal space or you are working in fiction and want to find new ways to deep-dive into Character studies, this workshop invites you walk along the edges of your own imagination and experience.

Open to all skill levels, writers of all genres, and artists of any creative medium. You can sign up for all the weeks or just the ones that interest you most.

Dr. Sarah Barnette is currently a Guest Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Copenhagen. An American abroad, Sarah has an MLitt in Romantic and Victorian Culture from the University of St. Andrews and a PhD in English Literature from the University of Oxford and is nearing completion of her MLitt in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow. 

Dates: 22 June - 27 July 2022, Wednesdays 6-8pm (BSTT)
Location: Online via Zoom
Cost: £125-£31.25 or per session £25-£6.25 (2 Free Bursary Spaces Available)

Further details and to book here

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