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Chris Fielden Critique and Editing Service
Tue 9 Apr 2019 to Thu 31 Dec 2020
Chris Fielden Critique and Editing Service offers affordable in-depth critiques to writers of fiction and poetry. This service allows you to have your writing proofread and critiqued by highly experienced, published authors. By receiving constructive criticism you’ll be able to improve your stories and poems and develop your writing.

You’ll also increase the likelihood of achieving publishing success, seeing your work in print and earning money from writing. If your story is strong and we know of a relevant short story competition, magazine, or any other publishing opportunity suitable for your work, we will suggest them to you as part of the service.

About The Service

You will receive:
• a detailed critique of your story/poem including advice and tips for improving your work, comments on your story's/poem's pace, flow and style as well as observations on characterisation, dialogue, reader engagement etc.
• edits of typos, grammar, continuation mistakes and any other errors spotted as your work is read

'Chris's editing service has been an excellent investment all around. The stories I submitted were returned with detailed comments, advice and suggestions along with links to help me better understand the mistakes I was making. This man does a fantastic job. He also provided me with links to potential publishers that might be interested in the stories I was working on.' Joe H, July 2016

For further information, please visit our website or or contact Chris at


Additional Information:

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